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Introducing TrackMyWay, the Ultimate Tracking App: Ensuring Child Safety with Advanced Parental Control, Child Monitoring, and Mobile Tracking Our futuristic GPS tracking software development combines user-friendly technology and geo-fence features to deliver excellence. You can track the child location and fleet monitor using our TrackMyWay App
Stay connected with your child’s movements in real-time and set virtual boundary geofences for their safety. Our TrackMyWay app, which not only ensures your child’s safety but also provides a comprehensive history management feature. Embrace the future of child protection with our business-standard tracking app, equipped with an SOS(Emergency) alerts feature to help you stay prepared for emergencies.

TrackMyWay App Features

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Keep track on the particular location of your child anytime, anywhere with our real time tracking that works indoors and outdoors.


Set virtual boundaries on the app’s map to create safe zones for your child. Receive instant alerts if they enter or exit these “circle of safety”.

Location History

Access an extensive log of your child’s past locations, enabling you to review and analyze their movements, providing valuable insights and overall safety.

SOS Alerts

Configure emergency contact details and receive alerts when your child exits the circle of safety, allowing you to provide immediate assistance.

Battery Optimization

Employ power-saving techniques to optimize battery usage on both the parent and child devices, to ensure uninterrupted tracking.

Secure Data Encryption

Implemented robust encryption protocols to safeguard all tracking data, maintaining privacy and protecting sensitive information.

Multi-Platform Access

Support wide range platforms, including smartphones and tablets, to ensure seamless tracking across multiple devices.

Location Status

Control over privacy, the user being monitored can choose to toggle the Tracker on or off, empowering them to manage their individual privacy.

User-Friendly Interface

Provide an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface for both parents and children, enhancing user experience and accessibility.

Technical Support

Offer reliable customer support to address any queries or issues, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free user experience.

Why choose Our TrackMyWay over other Tracking apps?

Unmatched Safety and Parental control with advanced GPS Tracking Software Development. Experience the unparalleled advantage of our tracking app, designed with precision to fulfill your every need. With advanced parental control and child tracking features, you gain the power to safeguard your child’s safety.

Utilize our state-of-the-art mobile tracking technology, fortified with geo-fencing capabilities, to create safe boundaries for your children. Stay ahead of future technology as we continuously innovate our GPS tracking software development. Don’t settle for ordinary tracking apps when you can have the extraordinary. Join us and embrace the future of child protection, ensuring their safety while encouraging their independence.

Benefits of using TrackMyWay app

GPS Tracking Technology's Versatile Applications

GPS has become more common and essential term across all industries. GPS technology has also revolutionized a variety of sectors. 

Parental Control

GPS-enabled applications provide parents with real-time location tracking and geo-fencing features to ensure their children's safety and monitor their activities.
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Logistics and Transportation

GPS tracking enables efficient fleet management, route optimization, and real-time vehicle tracking, enhancing delivery services and ensuring timely arrivals
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GPS technology assists in tracking patients, ensuring their safety and allowing caregivers to monitor their position remotely.
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GPS technology supports precision farming by mapping fields, optimizing crop planting, monitoring equipment location, cattle monitoring and managing irrigation systems.
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Pet Tracking

GPS supports real-time location updates for your beloved furry companion, ensuring the safety and security of your pet.
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GPS tracking aids in monitor and manage construction equipment, track workforce movement, and improve overall project efficiency and security.
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Tourism and Hospitality

GPS-enabled applications provide location-based services, guiding tourists to attractions, providing personalized recommendations, and improving guest experiences.
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Wild Animal Tracking

GPS plays a crucial role in wild animal tracking, enabling researchers to monitor and study their movements and behaviors with precision.
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Sports and Fitness

GPS tracking devices monitor athletes' performance, track routes during outdoor activities, and collect data for analysis and development.
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GPS tracking software development drives these advancements, utilizing future technology to deliver accurate, real-time tracking solutions across industries, ensuring efficiency, safety, and improved decision-making.

Working Process of Track My Way Client

Tailored Tracking App development for your Business

we possess the expertise and resources to create a tailored tracking app based on your specific needs and industry requirements. Our team of skilled professionals excels in GPS tracking software development, enabling us to design a customized solution that aligns perfectly with your business goals. Whether you’re seeking a parental control child tracking solution, cattle, pet, wild animal, fleet management, asset or a mobile tracking platform, we can craft a high-quality, feature-rich application that caters to your unique requirements.

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    Child tracking utilizes GPS technology to track the real-time location of children. Parents can monitor their movements, set up geo-fences to create safe zones, and receive instant notifications if their child enters or exits these “circle of safety”.

    Yes, our cattle tracking app is designed to be compatible with multiple devices, including smartphones and tablets.

    We prioritize data security and employ robust encryption protocols to safeguard all vehicle tracking data.

    Yes, we provide reliable technical support to address any queries or issues you may encounter while using the fleet management app.

    The TrackMyWay app is commonly used by various commercial delivery services, fleet management, Construction, logistics, transportation services, and field services companies.

    Currently, we have a restriction of two devices to track in the free version. For additional device tracking, we have SAAS pricing based on your requirements. Kindly reach out to for further pricing information.

    Even though the application is developed to deploy on a software as service model, we do take up client specific customisation to modify the app to suit client requirements on top of our base application.
    There is a one-time cost for the physical device, whereas software is charged on a monthly SAAS model.
    The TrackMyWay app for fleet management provides real-time tracking, maintenance reminders, geofencing, historical data analysis, fuel and speed monitoring, and tyre monitoring. Additionally, the app supports geofencing for rental cars and bikes as well.

    Setting Up The TrackMyWay App For Safe Kids Is Easy