DBA Support

DBA Support

Gevinst Provides remote DBA support for the below RDBMS/DBMS.

  • DB2 Mainframe
  • DB2 LUW
  • Oracle
  • MongoDB

Our DBAs are Certified and specially trained in remote DBA support. As remote DBA service providers, they understand client database architecture and are adept at various monitoring tools and disaster recovery management services. Our remote DBA services take care of your databases in all its phases – from installation, upgradation and designing, monitoring and load balancing, to failover and disaster recovery management.

Database Services

Database related services are offered to the clients for running smooth operations within the organization. It is not so easy to manage multiple versions of databases on various platform round the clock. We have proper team management for achieving this goal and every database administration task are being monitored by expert remote DBA team with seniors.

Gevinst Technologies offers strong response time for fixing every issues and accurate SLA maintained during remote DBA services for every client. Our senior management always monitors proper delivery for every remote DBA work.

Database Monitoring Services

We provide database monitoring services by way of remote DBA support. We connect to remote networks and monitor business critical databases for health checks and business continuity. Our best practices for health checks are a combination of oracle provided utilities and operating system based in-house custom scripts. This is demonstrated successfully in all our remote DBA services including database monitoring services. With regular email alert systems and our remote DBA support expertise, we prevent upcoming issues ahead of time. Our DBAs have more than 15 years of hands-on experience in third party multiply monitoring tools.

Database Tuning Services

Database tuning is an essential DBA support activity. Data Patrol ensures optimum performance of your small, large, OLTP, OLAP environment databases by following well planned systems and procedures required for each. Our remote DBA support specialists are skilled to achieve optimum performance of your databases. With extensive experience in remote DBA services, we understand database specific requirements and apply the necessary performance tuning strategies for different databases. Operating system expertise helps us solve operating system bottlenecks that may affect database performance using remote DBA support.

Database Disaster Recovery Management Services and Data Backup Services

DBA services are incomplete without disaster recovery management services. Disaster recovery management is the key responsibility of a DBA, this is our core competency too! Data Patrol provides backup and disaster recovery management services using online and offline methods. We have proven experience in Remote management of successful disaster recovery and database backup mechanisms. Our remote DBAs restore complex databases quickly to keep your businesses up and running in the shortest turn-around-time.

Database Upgrade Services

A database upgrade or migration is a critical activity which companies must undertake from time to time.

Remote DBA Services and Remote DBA Support Options

We offer flexible service options to suit your needs. Our DBAs can be hired as a dedicated or shared resource. You can make use of our remote DBA services as on-site or offshore support. Call us today to patrol your databases!

Gevinst Technologies offers OUTSTANDING remote DBA support services

Expert remote DBA team of Gevinst Technologies provides excellent remote database administration with low cost remote DBA. Our teams have wonderful skill of performance tuning using smart computing, deployment of strong disaster recovery to provide ZERO data loss and quick issue resolution with minimum response time.