Earth Day 2023

The theme of World Earth Day 2023 is to honor “The Earth” as our home and the vital life resources it provides us with. Mother Universe is the best artist; she created 9 arts, but Earth is her great creation yet. Why is the art “Earth” Mother Universe’s best creation?

The simple way to introduce next generation to going green | World Earth Day | The Habitable Earth is a special planet | Earth Day 2023|

The first-ever World Earth Day was held in America in 1970. More than 193 nations worldwide honor it on a global level. The event includes environmental protection activities. This day promotes awareness about the importance of saving Earth from industrial pollution and waste. One of the most severe difficulties that future generations will confront is climate change.

On this day, volunteers promote awareness about actions that affect the environment—things we do without thinking about their consequences. So, we Gevinstians have decided to make a small contribution to this wonderful and inspirational Earth Day.

Seed Balls, are a simple and effective first step to start with. As a first step towards giving back to this mother planet, Gevinst has made 1000 seed balls. Mother Earth provides us with the resources to live. Now it’s time to restore it.

Seed Balls can be an excellent way to introduce our next generation to the benefits of Go-Green. If we want the Earth to Go-Green, we must begin a process that will last generations, which is planting trees. Set a good example for our children…… Go-Green.

A growing population is another factor leading to the depletion of natural resources. Man-made development projects are disrupting nature’s balance, which is one of the primary reasons to raise awareness through World Earth Day. That’s why Gevinst intends to develop futuristic technologies that align with nature. In the future, we shall have no choice but to rely on renewable resources….. Sustainable Energies are our only hope and planting a tiny seed ball today ensures a better tomorrow…..

So, Go-Green…

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